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Facts & Figures

  • Total Number of Students Enrolled: 558
  • Ethnicity Breakdown:
    • Black 16%
    • Hispanic 54%
    • White 16%
    • Asian 1%
    • American Indian or Alaskan Native 1%
  • English Language Learners: 11%
  • Special Education: 20%
  • Gifted Learner: 2%
  • AVID: 5%
  • Free/Reduced Lunch: 90%

2023-2024 School Culture Survey Highlights


GR 3-5 92% report that their principal and assistant principals visit the classrooms. GR 6-8 97% report that their families want them to do well in school.

99% of families report that when something is broken at their child's school, it is repaired quickly. 91% of families report that their child is treated equitably regardless of race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or special needs.

97% of staff report that school administrators are visible in the school.

Improvement Opportunities

  • GR 3-5 Only 65% of students report that other students' actions in class respect the learning environment. GR 6-8 Only 38% agree that everyone is respected at school.
  • Safety & Behavior 27% of families disagree that when staff are notified about possible bullying at their child's school they respond.
  • Only 18% of staff agree that students do not threaten and/or bully each other at school.

Next Steps

  • We have invited a group of students to serve on the Principal Advisory Committee to give input to address these issues.
  • Putting reporting data and action data in our monthly newsletter.
  • Continue staff training on how to intervene when they observe threats or bullying.